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Can't find a way out, please help. Here is my story!


my name ist Angela and i am from Germany. My English is not perfect and i hope you understand me.

Over 8 Years ago I meet i nice American man from San Jose, CA. He ask me to come to the USA and marry him. And i did. It was my dream since i'm a teenager. I could belive it.So i came to the USA in 2000. Just the trip over here cause problems. After a year my huseband got arrest for pulling a gun on me. Shurt after this i got a divorce.

 Now i was on my own. He didn't help me with any paperwork for getting legal here. Legal Aid help me to file as a special immigrant, to get a Work Perment and my Greencard. This took a few years.

 I worked in a gasstation for a year an i got fired for getting to early to work.5 to 10 min. We know this was just a excuse for him t fire me. I'm a honest hard working person.  The same year i became a Permanent Resident. This was happy, i did it on my own. I felt very lucky and special.

 Short after this i got a Job with Safeway as a GMC Deli Clerk. I'm still working for this company. Everybody told me it is a good company to work for. With Benefits. How about this. Well i thought i made it. Wrong.!

2 1/2 years later. I started with $8.39, the Boss told be i'm getting a raise every 520 houres. And when you get promotion you get even more. I never did. I got promotion 4 month later and never a raise but more Union dues. 7 month later i got a 1 cent raise. Some how the Union didn't help me.Know i'm making $8,60 per houre after 2 1/2 years.

  And my bad luck continue. My wallet got stolen with my greencard.I was looking for a nother job with better pay and i found it to. But there had to let me go,why i didn't had proof of my status here in the USA. It will cost me over 260 to get the greencard back. but i don't have the money.

  Later on i got hurt at the job in Safeway and i had to get hand surgery. i'm still not back at work. Now i'm bleeding for help. with my income from $800 i can't pay my bills. without my greencard i can't get a nother job. When somebody would hire me anyway, i'm still recovering after this surgery. I even can't get home to germany without greencard or money. I don't know what to do.

Please this is the trues and not a lie. This is a short form of the story, i will tell you everything when you want.

Please i'm asking for help any way. A car, some money to pay my medical bills or other bills up. Maybe work.

I don't want to work for Safeway anymore. I'm stocked and desperate


God bless you


Talk to germanangel


Talk to germanangel